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FREE shipping after $75!

Tightlines UV Whisker NedBait 3.5in

Color: Blue/Black Swirl with Blue Tip

Anglers can take their Ned Rig fishing to the next level with the Tightlines UV Whisker Ned Bait. Built with a small streamlined body that is ideal for ultra finesse presentations, it also features silicone skirting molded into the bait that delivers a mouth-watering action that fish cannot ignore. While the UV Whisker Ned Bait is designed to be fished on a small jig head for highly pressured fish, it can also be extremely deadly on a drop shot rig or a small shaky head as well. The UV Whisker Ned Bait is poured with a secondary coloring process that utilizes Tightlines exclusive UV technology, which absorbs UV light rather than reflecting it and causes the bait to standout 4-to-7 times better underwater. Infused with a heavy dose of salt for an additional level of attraction as well, the Tightlines UV Whisker Ned Bait is perfect for those times when you need a little more action than what a standard Ned Rig worm can provide. 5 per pack