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FREE shipping on all orders over $75!

Tightlines UV Hy-Brid Craw Rattling

Color: Green Pumpkin with Tonic

Designed by FLW professional, Zach Birge, the Tightlines Zach Birge’s Hy-Brid Rattling generates a full sensory assault that is sure to keep your lines tight. Molded with a hollow front half, the Tightlines UV Hy-Brid Craw Rattling features a rattle in the forward cavity that thumps and pings with each movement of the rod tip. Coupled with flowing silicone “whiskers” and flapping claws, the Hy-Brid Craw Rattling moves plenty of water, making it incredibly attractive as a jig trailer, flipping bait, and pitching bait. Poured using a secondary coloring process, the Hy-Brid Craw Rattling absorbs UV light rather than reflecting it, which causes the bait to standout 4-to-7 times better underwater. Impregnated with a heavy dose of scenting as well, the Hy-Brid Craw Rattling tempts every possible sense, making it a true powerhouse of attraction. 4 per pack