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FREE shipping on all orders over $75!

Picasso Tungsten Football Jig

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Color: Green Pumpkin Tiger

The Picasso Aaron Martens Tungsten Football Jig is constructed around a compact 97% one piece tungsten head that is virtually indestructible. This compact design is especially appealing to spotted and smallmouth bass. The flexible triple nickel titanium weed guard let’s you work through cover with less hang ups and without hindering the hook set.

Available in a variety of hook sizes to perfectly pair your plastic trailers from smaller finesse sizes to larger plastics. Picasso’s exclusive ultra soft thin sheet silicone skirting material creates fish enticing undulation that is comparable to that of rubber skirt material. The super sharp black nickel Gamakatsu 2X strong hook will penetrate instantly even with light line but is strong enough to handle the giants.