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FREE shipping after $75!

NuTech NuJig Elite Jig

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Color: Army Green

Combining the advanced physics of NuJigs with performance of Trokar, the NuTech NuJig Elite Skirted delivers uncompromising performance when nothing but the absolute best will suffice. Designed with precisely detailed cam head design, the NuTech NuJig Elite Skirted provides a constant upright positioning that passes over rocky lake floors and snaggy terrain with ease. Built with two solid rubber weedguards, the NuTech NuJig Elite Skirted provides rock-solid, unhindered hooksets that ensure fish stay pinned-on tight until they hit the net. Equipped with a super-sharp, super-strong Trokar hook, the Nutech NuJig Elite Skirted provides tournament-grade performance that anglers can count on when money hangs in the balance.