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FREE shipping after $75!

Geecrack Spiron Creature Bait

Color: Black / Blue Flake #029

Designed and developed under the supervision of Lake Biwa fishing guide, Yama P., the Geecrack Spiron Creature Bait is a truly one-of-kind soft plastic that is built to mimic small bluegills that big bass love to feed on. Molded with a flat body and the broad profile of a bluegill, the Geecrack Spiron Creature Bait creates a downward spiraling action as it falls, which imitates a wounded bluegill fluttering to the bottom and causes predatory bass to bites out of pure instincts. It also features a small tail that produces a subtle kicking action like a bluegill at the end of its life but is perfectly balanced to not impede the spiraling action. 

During the testing stages, Yama P. found that a light Texas-rig with an EWG hook was his favorite application for shallow water. But he also found the Geecrack Spiron Creature Bait is highly effective on Carolina-rigs, Tokyo-rigs, heavy drop shots, as a jig trailer, and on swinging football heads. Made from Geecrack’s original S.A.F.(Salt+Aminos+Flavor) material to intrigue more bites and make fish hold on longer, the Geecrack Spiron Creature Bait will help you capitalize on big bluegill-hungry bass.