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FREE shipping after $75!

Deps Slide Swimmer 175

Color: Pro Blue Shiner

Retooled by the designer of the slide swimmer, Kazumasa Okumura, and renowned trophy hunter, Butch Brown, the Deps Slide Swimmer 175 delivers all of the big bass attraction as the original – now with slight modifications aimed at enhanced performance. Of these changes, the most notable is the clear ABS injected core, which works to improve durability and overall function. Internally, the Deps Slide Swimmer 175 features a spring weight at the front of the body that emits a faint knocking acoustic with faster retrieves and provides a subtle vibration on the pause. Along the outside, the Deps Slide Swimmer 175 is covered with a super-soft, removable silicon skin that allows access to the weighting system, so anglers can adjust the rate-of-fall depending on conditions.