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FREE shipping after $75!

Deps Bullshooter 160

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Color: Flashy Baby Gill

From the same creative minds that brought us the Deps Slide Swimmer comes the Deps Bull Shooter 160 – an ultra-realistic bluegill imitation that sets the bar in-terms of quality and attraction. Designed with a hard plastic body and a super-durable single joint, the Deps Bull Shooter 160 sinks slowly and provides an undeniably smooth gliding action, which replicates the enticing movements of the bluegill with exacting accuracy.
Flush with lifelike detail, the Deps Bull Shooter 160 is covered with a natural finish, inviting 3-D eyes, and soft rubber fins along the sides and at the rear. Brandishing with two razor-sharp trebles, the Deps Bull Shooter 160 provides the perfect size, look, and action to tempt big bass into an easy meal.