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FREE shipping after $75!

Daiwa TD Minnow 95 3.75" Jerkbait

Color: Bone

Stateside bass are not going to know what hit them when they get a taste of the Daiwa TD Minnow 95SP. Built with an ultra-fine scale pattern, the Daiwa TD Minnow 95SP lunges through the water with an erratic darting action that is bursting with flash. In addition, the Daiwa TD Minnow 95SP is also equipped with a sliding weight system that allows for long distance casts and creates a hard, knocking tone as it moves through the water. Offered in a number of brilliant finishes, the Daiwa TD Minnow 95SP is a must-have for any angler who enjoys fishing those hard-to-find lures that no one else has.

Designed specifically for the Japanese domestic market, the Daiwa TD Minnow 95SP is rarely seen in the US - and available only while supplies last.