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Daiwa EXIST Reel

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The future of spinning reels is here. With its sleek design and innovative engineering, the Daiwa Exist G LT Spinning Reel achieves incredible torque, performance, and durability – all housed in a lightweight, compact body.

The culmination of Daiwa’s most progressive technologies, the Daiwa Exist G LT Spinning Reel is powered by cold-forged, digitally developed Tough DigiGear that generates smooth and powerful rotation. Embedded in Daiwa’s HardBodyZ aluminum body, the Tough DigiGears have been engineered with optimal thickness to create silky rotation, without sacrificing anything in durability or endurance. Through state of the art advancements, the Tough DigiGear system efficiently transfers power from the handle to the rotor, creating a whole new level of seamless performance.

The flagship reel of Daiwa’s Light and Tough concept series, the Daiwa Exist G LT Spinning Reel’s Monocoque body provides a full 360-degrees of support and rigidity that transfers directly to the drive train. Designed using monolithic molding technology that is derived from aerospace engineering, the Daiwa Exist G LT Spinning Reel offers increased interior space, which allows for the implementation of larger, more powerful gears that are held in place by the lighter, sturdier body.

Shielding the inner workings of the reel from performance-hampering debris, the Daiwa Exist G LT Spinning Reel is backed by Magsealed technology that allows for continuous, friction-free rotation by bridging the inner and outer bearing races with magnetically charged oil. Complete with a laundry list of supporting technologies, the Daiwa Exist G LT Spinning Reel is the pinnacle of modern engineering and performance.


  • Moncoque Body
  • Tough DigiGear
  • Magsealed
  • ATD (Automatic Tournament Drag)
  • Engine Plate
  • Newly Designed Waterproof Stopper
  • New Reel Foot Shape
  • New AIRBAIL Shape
  • 2BB Line Roller/Twist Buster II
  • Machine-cut handle
  • Hi-Grip Lightweight Handle Knob
  • New shape for Perfect Line Stopper
  • Crosswrap
  • Carrying Case