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FREE shipping on all orders over $75!

Chasebaits Paddle Bait

Color: Gold Shiner

Soft, Supple & Lifelike... it’s all about the feel and swim action on our updated soft plastics range. Double scented, ribbed, salted, and fitted with custom eyes to give you the best of everything. The Chasebaits Paddle Bait swimbait features stunning 2 tone injected colors, ribbed body, and oversized “paddle-style” tail. The realistic 3D eyes are the finishing touch on this impressive soft plastic model. Perfect for jigging or swimming your way onto your PB!

The Chasebaits Paddle Bait features a ribbed body that produces ripples in the water column when retrieved. Gamefish feel these ripples with their lateral line producing an automatic strike response. The Chasebaits Paddle Bait also features a unique “Body Wave” design to feel softer and move naturally. The deep ribs will also hold scent and give off micro vibrations to attract fish while releasing a “bubble trail” during the retrieve. A belly slit has been added for weedless rigging if required.