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FREE shipping on all orders over $75!

Chasebaits Frill Seeker Wakebait

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Color: Bone

Based on a real Frill Neck Lizard in both looks and action, the Chasebaits Frill Seeker Wakebait swims across the surface with an attractive waking action and an extremely lifelike body roll that aggravates fish into striking. It also features highly realistic details from end-to-end, a hand-tied silicone neck skirt that flares forward when paused, and a 10x tough segmented tail, which will fool any fish into believing there is a real lizard swimming on the surface. A set of internal ball bearing rattles call fish from a distance and helps fish track the Frill Seeker Wakebait in dirty water conditions as well. 

Absolutely deadly around fish that like to feed on small reptiles, the Chasebaits Frill Seeker Wakebait can be worked slow on the surface with a steady retrieve, twitched in place around high percentage targets, or fished with a fast retrieve for a sub-surface presentation to get closer to more timid fish. Finished with a set of ultra sharp and super strong treble hooks to maximize hook up ratios, the Chasebaits Frill Seeker Wakebait is a must-have for every topwater tackle box.