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FREE shipping on all orders over $75!

Basstrix Live Trix 3" 5pk

Color: Electric Smelt

Designed to be the ultimate anatomically correct baitfish imitation, the Basstrix Live Trix features a tall, slender, and keeled profile that makes it appear easily on the screen for anglers using forward-facing sonar. Built to pair perfectly with the Basstrix Live Trix Head, various methods of retrieve can be used including ‘hovering’ or ‘dead-sticking’ vertically over deep-water fish, but Live Trix also makes for an excellent drop shot, free-rig, or hover stroll bait.

Cast out and let the Live Trix pendulum back on a tight line and it will slowly glide left to right to entice lethargic fish into biting, and when twitched with the rod tip it will dart side-to-side erratically similar to a jerkbait. Hand-made and hand-poured one at a time to ensure a high level of quality, the Basstrix Live Trix are available in a wide range of baitfish-inspired color patterns with realistic scaling and holographic accents that fish are simply unable to resist!

Length Quantity
3" 5