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Magnum Baits

  • $5.99

    Magnum Baits Magstick 6in

    6" MagStick of a beef design, giving you that chunky look that the normal 6" stickbaits don't have. Salted well for a fast sink rate. 5 per pack.

  • from $7.69

    Magnum Baits Smauler 5in

    When you’re trying to catch trophy-caliber fish you need the MAGNUM Baits Smauler Creature Bait. Featuring a shorter body than the original Magnum ...

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    from $7.69
  • from $5.39

    Magnum Baits Wormser 6”

    Built in the big bass waters of the California Delta, the Magnum Baits Wormser Straight Tail Worm offers versatile performance that will help you c...

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    from $5.39
  • $5.99
  • $7.99

    Magnum Baits Mauler 6.25in

    Measuring 6.25" in length and weighing in at 1.20-ounces, the Magnum Baits Mauler Creature Bait is taking a shot at the heavy weight title for bigg...

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  • $11.99

    Magnum Baits Magstick 10in

    10" and 1.5oz of glorious fat goodness here. Much larger diameter than a normal stickball, and far longer. Wacky rig with two crossed o-rings with ...

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  • $6.99